JellyFish HR Brand story

We want to start off our story by a famous quote:
Happiness is a journey, not a destination
Let consider the following story as a journey of people who are seeking for happiness..

Why did we start headhunting?

JellyFish HR decided to start headhunting in Vietnam due to 3 reasons .
The first reason is a conflict in employee utilization in Vietnam. More and more Bachelors, Masters and advanced level employees are becoming jobless or they cannot find a suitable one. On the other hand, the need of utilizing good employees is indispensable, especially when more and more foreign companies and incorporations are investing in Vietnam.

What are you looking for while the employers are looking for you?

And the third one, Mr. Nakazono loves Vietnam as how he loves his job. He also found a team that share the same love– us – JellyFish HR company. In here, we found the solutions to solve the human resource problems in Vietnam by putting our advanced knowlegde and headhunting skills into practice.
The second reason, founder of JellyFish HR, Mr. Nakazono, who is also the CEO of the company, has experiences in human resource and headhunting for many years. Having chances to rub shoulders with talents from various backgrounds is by far the greatest thing of working in this field, and each of them will bring us more amazing stories and lessons..

A self-affirmation journey

With the reputation of parent company in Japan, JellyFish HR is gaining more and more trust and reliance from employers, especially from Japanese ones.. However, So as to fulfill our missions of bringing job opportunities and “connect national human resources”, JellyFish HR needs you – potential and experienced candidates.

Unfortunately, Not many people in Vietnam have an actual information about headhunters.

Furthermore, Not everyone knows about headhunter clearly understand their jobs. In the other words, we are usually in half-laughing, half-crying situations during our working process..
Misunderstanding the headhunting job brings us lots of difficulties in approaching and working with candidates.

Sometimes, we meet people who consider headhunter as a job broker and they behave improperly, or some candidates Are irresponsible of their words after interviewing and accidentally gives us disreputation.

Every job has it difficulties and the way we overcome those is to grasp them as opportunities to try our best and improve our skills. As a result, we have been growing up by those difficulties. From the first days of lacking employees, facilities, datas, we were trying hard to complete our process and expanded our service globally. And by working hard, persistence, and the quality of our service, JellyFish HR is more known and trusted by the employers. Our hard working and persistence of following high quality service finally pay off. JellyFish HR is now well-known and trusted by companies as well candidates.

Now , our process in consulting human resource in JellyFish HR is completed and received positive feedbacks:


An infinite journey

We always try our best to find a perfect jobs for candidates as well as excellent employees for employers. Because: “customer’s success is our mature” – Mr. Nakazono.

People may stop growing up, but there is no limit for growing up, because that is a journey of experience and knowledge accumulated indefinitely. And that’s also the reason why JellyFish HR will not stop trying and putting effort on this journey – having more success of the customers as well as our happiness.

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